Ninety five theses primary source

Ninety five theses primary source

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DEDICATORY LETTER OF MARTIN LUTHER TO POPE LEO X.AMONG those monstrous evils of this age, withwhich I have now for three years been waging war, Ninety five theses primary source am sometimes compelledto ninety five theses primary source to you and to call you to mind, most blessed father Leo. One of the biggest misconceptions about the Reformation involves its causes. The typical narrative is that people grew angry with the Church for its wealth and abuses, especially its taxes and the sale of indulgences.

Martin Luther criticized those abuses and came up with new beliefs. and that caused the Reformation. The pope spurce angry because Luther questioned his authority over the Church and beliefs.Although this is true (even though the story about Luther nailing the Ninety-five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg is not supported by evidence) this narrative mis95 Theses - Luther - An ACTS Primary SourceThe 95 Theses of Martin Luther A Primary Source Document Provided By A.C.T.S. Disputation of Martin Lutheron the Power and Efficacy ofIndulgencesby Dr.

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