Mongo seed germination experiment results

Mongo seed germination experiment results

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It is not only an encouragement for me to continue to teach him new things but it is an unexplainable happiness that I have when he gets to learn something new. My hubby loves gardening and JS loves to be around to help out (or just to play in the garden). Two weeks ago I wrote a post mongo seed germination experiment results seed germination for kids. It was Day 2 this time when our first seed started to root. And by the next day there were sprouts too. By Day 5, three of our four seeds were growing strong. Here is a little run down of our In this germination experiment we studied 4 seeds bird mix.

Wewantedto find out percentage of the seeds in the bird food that able togerminate. The bird mix contained 4 different seeds in equal proportion. Weexpected each kind of seeds to have germination rate above 50%. Each seed carries a plant embryo, wrapped in a casing or coat withits own food supply. Life functions in the seed are almost completely shut downuntil the time is right to start growing. But how does a seed know when thetime is right. For you to answer this question, you must test the effects ofdifferent conditions on seed germination. One way is to germinate seeds inPetri dishes under very specific mongo seed germination experiment results controlled conditions.

In this activity, youwill investigate the effects of temperature and water.Petri Dish PreparationThe instructions below will helpyou prepare Petri dishes of seeds. Gather all the necessary materials. Thenumber of Petri dishes you want to prepare will depend on the availability ofmaterials, the time given for dish preparation, and the requirements of yourexperiment. Mongo seed germination experiment results EFFECT OF SUNLIGHT TO THE GROWTH OF MONGGO SEEDSDay 2Day 3Day 4Day 5AbstractAn experiment was conducted to verify if the presence of sunlight could truly affect the growth of Monggo seeds.

What the group did was make two set-ups: Set-up A (with exposure to sunlight) and Set-up B (without exposure to sunlight). The results show that Set-up A (with exposure to sunlight) grew much better than Set-up B (without Better Together. Never miss a trending story with yahoo.comas your homepage. Every new tab displays beautiful Flickr photos and your most recently visited sites.

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