The book of mormon

The book of mormon

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Does it seem possible that God stopped talking to man after the last page of the New Testament. Or the last page of the Old Testament, for that matter. Our ancestors were taught by living prophets, and those prophets recorded holy scripture—profound spiritual lessons embedded in the history of their people. While many of our questions and struggles are similar to those of biblical times, it only makes sense that a loving God would continue guiding His children with additional messages of hope and wisdom applicable to their lives.

It is religious satire that pokes fun at the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book, lyrics, and music weStoryThe Book of Mormon follows two young missionaries who are sent to Uganda to try to convert citizens to the Mormon religion. One missionary, Elder Price, is an enthusiastic go-getter with a strong dedication to his faith, the book of mormon his partner, The book of mormon Cunningham, is a socially awkward but well meaning nerd whose tendency to embroider the truth soon lands him in trouble.

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