Maps 3d ios 10

Maps 3d ios 10

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Ever since it came out, in iOSMaps is the one app that constantly gets better. Ioz you live in a country like USA, where the maps data is pretty good, you actually might benefit by using Maps app instead of Google Maps. New RedesignMaps app has been redesigned from the ground up. Similar to the Music app, the text is bigger, much clearer.Also, almost all the navigation items are now in the bottom of the page.

ProactiveI like to call this the drawer. I liked this feature which was the equivalent of google street view.iPhone Plus, iOS 10Posted on Sep 1, 201 9:37 AM. Me too. Nudge, nudge.Sep 18, 201 5:30 AM. Apple FooterThis site contains user iis content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. For our complete guide to iOS 10, head over here. The new Siri is smarterApple opened Siri up to third mals developers for this update, which allows maps 3d ios 10 to control a bunch of apps using just your voice.You can send messages on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Skype just by asking Siri to do so.

Siri can call you an Uber or Lyft. But first, you need to update your apps to do this. And so far, we like what iso see.In iOS 10, Maps adds a handful of features 1 rival apps such as Google Maps have long had. You can also expect a cleaner interface, helpful suggestions and maps 3d ios 10 feature that promises to help mmaps always remember where you parked. Some mapz them will be more relevant to you than others, depending on your usage habits. You can find additional 3D Touch shortcuts for the Control Maaps and Widgets Panel in iOS 10 in our respective how-to guides. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

Settings IconSome of the most handy 3D Touch functions can be found by hard-pressing the Settings app icon, which allows you to access the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi screens to quickly connect to aUse WhatsApp. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.Maps in iOS 10 features traffic information en route, with options for alternative routes and routes that avoid toll roads.

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