Dse practice paper english writing sample

Dse practice paper english writing sample

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The Local History Newsletter is a newsletter about the history of Hong Kong. Every month, it prints short articles about special places practicw Hong Kong. You have been asked to write an article about an old village called Lucky Village. englsih Write your article using the three headings provided. You can use the headings in any order. Thanks to the moderate and stable weather, the agricultural activities produce far more than enough to feed the village. High quality crops and dairy products, like their specially bred tangerines, are famous all over the Pearl River Delta Region.

This can help standardize English pronunciation as local English teachers have varying English levels.Writing Assigment - Writing a word problem-solution essay.Spelling ListcauseaddictiveaddictionsmokingcausesdiseasekillPRACTICE PAPER - Instructions and format are taken directly from the Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority practice paper. This is to help low proficiency learners get familiar with the layout and look of the paper. Part B will immediately follow Part A. DO NOT write anything on this page.PART A Group DiscussionYou dse practice paper english writing sample be given 10 minutes to prepare.

Sapmle time ppaer for the group discussion is 8 minutes (or minutes for a group of 3 candidates).

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