Format of research statement

Format of research statement

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It often includes both current aims and findings, and future goals. Whileexamples of format of research statement papers abound, there are relatively few researchstatements on the web. None of those were peer reviewed. This may or may not fit your situation, and it may notgeneralize beyond computer-related research. I developed the structure researrch need by analyzingstatements from people who (a) have jobs and (b) work in my generalfield.

To a certain extent, the next steps that you identify within your statement will also need to touch on how your research could benefit the institution to which you are applying. This might be stateent terms of grant money, faculty collaborations, involving students in your research, or format of research statement new courses. This may include applications for graduate programs, post-doctoral fellowships, or faculty positions.

It will, in most cases, include both current scenarios and data along with future predictions and goals. Research statements are also a crucial part of special job applications, helping recruiters identify the appropriate candidate. Statement of Research Interest in PDF.

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