Graphic novel book discussion questions

Graphic novel book discussion questions

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Young readers will be eager to dive into Greek mythology as they follow Theseus, the hero who slays the Minotaur.In the unique TOON Graphics line of visually compelling stories, this is a mythology comic done right. Master French cartoonist Yvan Pommaux introduces a wealth of historically accurate details that immerse readers in the context and culture of ancient Greece. David Smith is giving his life for his art—literally. Thanks to a deal with Death, the young sculptor gets his childhood wish: to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands.

Borrowing the idea from novelist John Green (you can check out his famously entertaining video blog with his brother Hank, vlogbrothers, including his Question Graphic novel book discussion questions videos, here), we aim to answer all your burning questions about comics, graphic novels, and manga every Tuesday.To send in your questions for the next Question Tuesday, please go to our form here. We will graphic novel book discussion questions to answer as many questions as possible in our weekly column.

We may have weeks where questions follow a particular theme or point of origin, so if your question does not appear in the next column, it will be featured in a future column.

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